The guide to selling real estate in Toronto

This guide offers advice for Toronto homeowners who are looking to sell a property. It examines crucial moments of the selling process - from listing the property, to measuring costs to legalities and paperwork - providing useful information that will help ensure the experience is as smooth, and as financially rewarding, as possible

Let us guide you through the home selling journey

Selling your home can be challenging. A lot of different factors go into setting a price, establishing the terms of sale, working out key dates and understanding the legalities and taxes of the exchange. Simply put, selling a home requires expertise that few home-owners have.

That’s why real estate agents are so valuable. Having this expertise is there job, and they’ll help you every step of the way. From attracting potential buyers to ensuring favourable terms, a real estate agent is a truly invaluable asset for anyone selling a property.

Getting the word out: listing your home online

The internet is a great medium for broadcasting your sale. That’s why so many people start with MLS listings when selling they’re home.

MLS permits sellers to post their own listings, which can generate interest without the help of an agent. But even this step of the process is benefited by the presence of a real estate pro.

Real estate agents know which aspects of a home to promote. They know the language to use to pique a buyer’s interest. They take professional level photos that present your home in the perfect light. And they can help you prepare your home before listing it to the public. In summation, a real estate agent helps you put your best foot forward when reaching out to buyers.

Hosting an open house or private viewing

Scheduling, promoting, lining up interested viewers, weeding out dreamers and curious neighbours so that only interested buyers arrive on viewing days are all tasks a real estate agent will help with.

Real estate agents will also help you physically prepare your home. This can include showing you which personal items to hide to minimize risk, how to stylize your furniture layout and décor for optimal effect, or when you should just hire a talented home stager to add flair to a space.

Legalities and paperwork

Another of the agent’s tasks is helping you sort out the paperwork, such as the listing agreement with the brokerage, all of its clauses, and its terms of validity. Selling an item as expensive as a home is wrought with numerous complexities, and having someone knowledgeable to walk you through it is always a wise choice.

Setting a budget

There are many costs associated with closing a sale, such as agent commissions for both the buying and selling agents involved, legal fees, taxes, moving expenses, and so on. And sometimes, if the date of the sale doesn’t align with the date you receive the keys to the new home, budgeting for a contingency plan might be necessary. An experienced realtor has helped people through every kind of moving situation, and will be happy to share their advice.

Choosing the right buyer

Yes, it sounds easy enough to just sell to the highest bidder, but sometimes there are other factors that make one buyer more attractive than the next, and a realtor is trained in the art of helping you make that decision. They'll discuss what's important to you, including conditions, timelines and any other factors that might influence your needs.

Selling a new home in Toronto

It used to be the case in Toronto that if you bought a home and held it for a few years, you could put it back on the market and turn a quick profit. Now, it seems, the situation is a bit more fraught.

Hiring a realtor to help you protect your investment has never made more sense. A knowledgeable agent will help you with everything from getting the word out, to drafting clauses in the buyer's contract, to staging visits from interested parties. They'll also function as a reliable resource for answering questions and sharing their past experiences.