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Liberty Village

To sum up Liberty Village in one word: condos. Lots and lots of condos. Some townhouses can be spotted on the streets of this residential hub, but Liberty Village is unquestionably a condo-city. And it's not hard to see why. 

With exceptional transport links and easy access to The Downtown Core, there's a ton of demand for housing, especially among working professionals. Developers learned early on it would be wise to build vertically.

Liberty’s prime location allows its residents to enjoy the luxury of walking to their downtown office, or popping into a cool bar for after work drinks on the way home. It also hosts numerous popular restaurants, making it an ideal place for both work and play. 

Architecturally speaking, while you don’t get the quaint Victorian homes found further north, the area boasts many historical buildings and factories, preserved with care and renovated into beautiful mixed-use properties. Coupled with the contemporary brick and glass condos that populate the Village, you end up with a beautifully ecclectic landscape.

City access

One of the primary reasons Liberty Village is so popular is its location. Sitting right in the heart of downtown, you barely have to stray from your front door to find some of the best amenities Canada's largest metropolis has to offer.

In fact, the area has an excellent Walk Score of 94/100, which means day-to-day, there is little need for a car or transit, unless you work in a distant neighbourhood. If you do need to hop on the TTC, then you’re in luck, because the area has an umblemished Transit Score of 100/100.

If you’re seeking some relief from the city, the Gardiner Expressway, one of the main arteries in and out of Toronto, dissects Liberty Village. Even without a car long-distance travel is easy, thanks to Liberty's close proximity to Union Station, and a stop on the Lakeshore West GO route. 


Liberty Village amenities

Shopping options

Liberty Village is an ecosystem unto itself, with everything you need accessible with minimal effort. From food to excitement to gyms to nicknacks, everything you need is right in your neighbourhood. 

For groceries, the 24-hour Metro offers the usual fare. If you want to indulge at a specialty shop, try Monforte Cheese, a cozy little spot that stocks artisanal Ontario Cheese and boasts an active role in Toronto’s market scene.

Beyond the grocery offering, Liberty Village is home to a variety of boutique stores specializing in everything from furniture to sporting goods.

One quirky spot is shop-turned-art-gallery, I Have A Crush On You, run by Amy Kwong of Smitten Kitten fame, also based in Toronto. From funny greeting cards, to unique ornaments, you won’t be at a loss for special gifts here.

Head over to bodyFood Aromatherapy Boutique and find all-natural body-washes and creams, face scrubs and serums, plus pure essential oils for aromatherapy treatments.

There is also a Running Room outpost in the Village, which provides local runners with a range of gym gear and accessories, as well as running clinics and a club (a great opportunity to meet like-minded neighbours).

Well-known restaurants and cafes

From early breakfast to late dinner, Liberty Village has you covered. Its resident brunch spot is School, a bakery, cafe and bar well known for its over-the-top takes on french toast, pancakes and breakfast poutine. The weekend can bring a long line to this neighbourhood staple, but it’s definitely worth the wait. 

For the health deities out there, Live Organic Food Bar has a location in the Village, complete with an idyllic patio perfect for basking in the summer rays. Live offers organic, fresh food, whether you want a hearty salad or a refreshing juice while you're on the move.

Liberty Village even has beer brewed right in the heart of its community. Liberty Commons at Big Rock brewery pairs the fresh tastes of an active brewery with a gastropub menu.

Your morning coffee is also taken care of by a group of local cafes, including Louie Craft Coffee, the area’s go-to stop for a freshly ground cup of joe. Grab and go on the way to work, or sit back and make the most of the free WiFi at one of the bright yellow tables that contribute to this cafe’s signature style.


Liberty Village is in a prime location for entertainment. Set just off King Street, residents can easily visit the waterfront, or head over to BMO Field to take in an Argos or TFC game.

Within Liberty Village proper, there are numerous ways to stay active and have fun. The area is home to a number of small, specialist fitness suites, as well as a 24-hour Goodlife location. This Goodlife location offers all of your usual cardio, strength and conditioning equipment along with group classes.

For something a little different, try F45 Training, a group fitness studio that follows an interactive training circuit. This popular workout fills up fast, whether that's a reflection of the results it produces, or perhaps it’s down to the DJ who pumps out live music to keep you motivated throughout your workout, it's best to claim your sport early.

If you want to get fit without feeling like you’re in a gym, then head to Joe Rockhead's indoor rock climbing facility, which has called Liberty home for the last 20 years. Come rain, snow or shine, you can boost your strength climbing its artificial rock walls, all to the backdrop of some upbeat tunes.

Liberty also offers a variety of more relaxing options, with nearby theatres and patios, as well as quick access to music and event venues. 

Schools in Liberty Village

Liberty Village’s main demographic is childless - unless you count dogs. Consequently, there aren't any schools in the neighbourhood - unless you count dog schools. Travelling to either Victoria Public School or Givens-Shaw Junior Public School is about 20 minutes by foot, but exceptional transit links allow for much quicker trips.

Parks in Liberty Village

The neighbourhood has four local parks and is just a short walk from one of Toronto's largest green spaces, Trinity Bellwoods on Queen Street West. Here you’ll find three ball diamonds, eight tennis courts, two volleyball courts, an off-leash dog area, a picnic area, wading pool and children’s playground.

Closer to home, there's the off-leash Bill Johnston Park (did we mention there are dogs in Liberty Village?), Gateway Park, and Lamport Stadium Park. On top of that, Liberty Park has a giant sculpture by Francisco Gazitue called Perpetual Motion and a children’s play structure.