Casa Loma

Situated in west-central Toronto, the Casa Loma area is named for the historical site lying at its core: a gothic revival style castle built in 1914. Originally a private residence, this structure is now a tourist attraction, which hosts events, tours, restaurants, weddings and a gift shop.

Given the regal aesthetic of its namesake, it’s no surprise that Casa Loma neighbourhood hosts a relatively affluent populous. About a quarter of homes in the area boast a $200,000+ annual income, which more than doubles the percentage of Toronto as a whole. Of course, there’s only one actual castle!

Casa Loma is a residential place, with a large number of courts, terraces and cresents. These smaller roads lend themselves to a more laid back atmosphere than you'll find in the majority of Toronto neighbourhoods.

Neverthless, Casa Loma enjoys good access to commercial amenities, thanks to the major streets and avenues that set its borders. Bathurst, Dupont and St. Clair give residents options for groceries, restaurants, entertainment and transit.

Who lives in Casa Loma?

Though its castle is void of kings and queens, Casa Loma is a rather luxurious area, something reflected by the sizes and values of the homes there. Passing through the neighbourhood, you'll see lots of families, and a generally older demographic. A lot of the residents are financially well-off, though numerous condo developments, especially at the borders of the area, have made Casa Loma more accessible to young professionals. 

The following data was obtained from the 2016 Casa Loma neighbourhood census profile, and the City of Toronto Ward 21 and 22 profiles. Average prices are determined by the listings.

Population: 10,968
Population growth: 3.9%
Rent/Own: 60% / 40%
Median Age: 40
Average household income: 159,504
Average condo sale price: $1,627,584.62
Average condo rent price: $4,377.11
Average family size: 2
Population density: 5,683 people per square km

City access

Though the interior of the Casa Loma neighbourhood is mostly smaller streets, its borders are well served by the TTC. In the northern end, the 512 streetcar runs along St. Clair, taking you anywhere from Yonge Street to Keele. St. Clair West station also gives you access to the Yonge subway line, making it possible to reach Union station in less than 20 minutes. Dupont station to the south of the neighbourhood will get you there even quicker. 

Busses running north-south on Bathurst, Spadina and Avenue are good alternative options for getting around. They're also how tourists will typically enter the area enroute to Casa Loma (the castle). All told, the neighbourhood earns an 87/100 Transit Score.

Casa Loma's Walk Score is an 80/100. The community is home to several beautiful trails, while it's residential streets make for nice evening walks. To reach nearby amenities, residents can head to Bathurst, St. Clair or Dupont. 

It makes sense to have a car in Casa Loma, since the trio of thoroughfares running north-south can get you basically anywhere in the city. For out of town trips, it makes sense to head up to Eglinton, then take the Allen to the 401. 

Casa Loma amenities

Casa Loma has some great family-firendly entertainment options, and is a great homebase from which you can explore some of the culinary hotspots throughout Toronto. A quick drive or train, streetcar or bus ride, will open up numerous possibilities. Even a short walk will often be enough to get you in on some action.

Shopping options

The major streets that outline the Casa Loma neighbourhood offer the main shopping options. Bathurst in particular is lined with specialty shops, like bookstores, hobby shops, vintage places, convenience stores and galleries. The loss of Honest Ed's was a blow, but Bathurst remains invaluable to people living in Casa Loma.

St. Clair station, just east of Bathurst, is where most residents grab their groceries. The Loblaw's attached to the station is immense, with a produce and and bakery section as big as some smaller gocery stores. There's also an LCBO attached to the station, as well as a garden centre and dry cleaner.

Well-know restaurants and cafes

Upscale dining starts where you’d expect, with the Blueblood steakhouse - part of Casa Loma - ranking as the main attraction. Carnivores will love the menu, and it’s not even as expensive as you might expect, given the regal setting.

Casa Loma also hosts a handful of coffee shops and small chain restaurants. The majority of trendy hotspots lie just to its south or west, but are well within walking distance for all of the neighbourhood’s residents. Dutch Dreams, a locally famous icecream place on Vaughn Street, is where large portions and gaudy decor rate as significant understatements. Other notable places include the Pour House Pub and Playa Cabana on Dupont.


The Casa Loma neighbourhood is built around the castle that lends it its name. Casa Loma (the castle) attracts local, national and international tourists, especially in the summer. The attraction offers a vision of bygone luxury, but also hosts some contemporary offerings, including an escape game and a haunted house around Halloween.

Otherwise, residents can keep themselves busy by taking trips to Bathurhust and St. Clair streets, where a number of nightlife options line the roads. 

Schools in Casa Loma

Casa Loma features a number of elementary schools, including the public school Hillcrest Community School, and private schools Waldorf Academy and Mabin.

Just north of the St. Clair boundary are a pair of high-schools, St. Michael’s and Holy Rosary. Central Tech high school is just a short trip down Bathurst, and can easily be reached by foot

There’s also a George Brown campus in the neighbourhood, as well as the post-secondary learning centre Avola College of Hairstyling and Esthetics.

Parks in Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a lush neighbourhood with several parks, parkettes and walking trails. It also features a few ravines, with several streams passing through. The community is also close to Humewood-Cedarvale, which has tennis courts, soccers fields, hiking and biking paths, and a dog park.

The grounds around the castle itself are characteristically scenic, boasting beauty befitting its regal origins. The surrounding gardens make a visit to Casa Loma worth it, even if you never enter the building itself.

Listings in Casa Loma

204 - 200 Russell Hill Rd, Toronto, Ontario - M4V2T2

3 Beds - 4 Baths - 2250-2499 ft2

204 - 200 Russell Hill Rd, Toronto, Ontario - M4V2T2

$4,395,000 For Sale

91 Lyndhurst Ave, Toronto, Ontario - M5R2Z8

6 Beds - 5 Baths - 3500-5000 ft2

91 Lyndhurst Ave, Toronto, Ontario - M5R2Z8

$3,949,000 For Sale

2 - 292 St Clair Ave, Toronto, Ontario - M4V1S3

3 Beds - 3 Baths - 2750-2999 ft2

2 - 292 St Clair Ave, Toronto, Ontario - M4V1S3

$2,390,000 For Sale