sad evicted woman

5 reasons you can be evicted from a rental property

Taking in a new tenant isn’t a perfect science, and though there are ways you can minimize the risk of getting a bad one, sometimes people and circumstances change during a tenancy.

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My lease says no pets: what are the rules?

Can landlords really discriminate against pet owners? The answer isn't so black and white.

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Trudeau government looking to help millennials afford first homes

As the election year begins, Ottawa is seeing what they can do to help people afford their first homes.


What is a rental resume?

Stand out from the crowd with an expertly crafted rental resume. Don't know where to start? We break it all down here.


What to know about condos as investment properties

In this post we’ll look at what you can with a condo as an investment, whether you approach things from the pre-construction or resale perspective.

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Average price of a Canadian house down 4.9% at end of 2018

Is it a good time to buy? New reports suggest the market is about to be flooded, slowing down sales even further. 

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4 tips for buying a condo site unseen

Would you place an offer on a condo without seeing the unit first? We break down the process here. 

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East end Toronto spotlight: the best neighbourhoods to buy

We profile Toronto's east end, a neighbourhood you should never knock before you try.

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West end Toronto spotlight: the best neighbourhoods to buy

What are some of the great things about the city's west end? Check out our neighbourhood spotlight to learn a thing or two!

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Which area has the most affordable condos in Toronto?

Let's look away from downtown and into the surrounding GTA for affordable condo neighbourhoods worth checking out!


Renting in Toronto expected to be ‘challenging’ in 2019

Real estate experts weigh in on Toronto’s projected rental climate as we step into the New Year.


Montreal home sales up 6% through November, breaks records

Housing supply is becoming an issue in Montreal, a city that is relatively affordable when compared to Vancouver and Toronto.