opening door with key

When a landlord can and cannot enter your apartment

What's the difference between legal and illegal entry when it comes to your rental? We visit the Residential Tenancies Act to find out.

new record set

Here are 4 new records the Canadian housing market has broken

Fewer mortgages, fewer sales, a booming population, and curtailing household debt.

written tenancy agreement

What’s the difference between a written and verbal lease?

Contrary to what one might assume, not every lease will be in the form of a written, paper document.


Noisy neighbours? How noise complaints work in Toronto

Specific Noise Bylaw information to help you keep the peace and quiet in your Toronto building or neighbourhood.

young homeowner

RBC reports Canada has more millennial homeowners than other countries

The report supplements the Liberal government's plan to create more housing opportunities for millennials.

empty rental unit

6 things a landlord must provide in a rental property

When it comes to a rental unit, what must be included by the landlord? What's the responsibility of the tenant? Find out here. 

building inspector kitchen

5 common building code violations tenants should be aware of

Safe buildings are vital to ensuring a rental property is successful and that tenants actually want to live there.


TREB calls for policy review as prices rise and sales drop

The Toronto Real Estate Board is calling for a regulatory review of the mortgage stress test.

liberty village view toronto

4 of the cheapest places to rent a condo in Toronto

Guess which of the city's favoured neighbourhoods rank as the most affordable, right now!

cigarette in hand

Can I be prohibited from smoking in a rented property?

In this post we go over no-smoking clauses and what you should do to respect your landlord's property.

display condo

B.C. begins tracking presale condo flippers, Ontario urged to follow suit

New government policies have been introduced in British Columbia that could expand into other popular housing provinces.

rental sign

How to prepare your rental application

What kind of documents do you need to have ready once you're interested in a unit? Grab some tips here for your next rental viewing.