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4 of the cheapest places to rent a condo in Toronto

Guess which of the city's favoured neighbourhoods rank as the most affordable, right now!

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Can I be prohibited from smoking in a rented property?

In this post we go over no-smoking clauses and what you should do to respect your landlord's property.

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B.C. begins tracking presale condo flippers, Ontario urged to follow suit

New government policies have been introduced in British Columbia that could expand into other popular housing provinces.

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How to prepare your rental application

What kind of documents do you need to have ready once you're interested in a unit? Grab some tips here for your next rental viewing.

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What to do if there’s a flood in your unit

Even if you're high in the sky, you could still come home to a nasty surprise. 

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Canada’s average real estate prices back to 2015 values

Fewer expensive home sales have brought down the average sales price across the country. 

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How to be a AAA tenant

In this post we’ll cover all the ways you can become and remain an AAA tenant, one that will benefit from long-term tenancies and great landlord-tenant relationships.


What to know about rent increases in Toronto

How can you know when a rent increase is coming, and are they legal?

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4 tips that help you save on your condo purchase

Buying a condo is exciting and expensive! Grab some tips you can take home and save. 

Toronto island

5 of the best Toronto neighbourhoods for nature lovers

Toronto: a City within a Park! Check out five lovely neighbourhoods across the city to stretch your legs and breathe in the fresh air. 

A contract being ripped in half.

Builders cancelling incentives as a condition of assignment

We complete many Assignment transactions and have recently come across a significant issue with more and more builders and affecting clients buying or selling a unit by way of Assignment.