West end Toronto spotlight: the best neighbourhoods to buy

By Realestate Condos Team on January 7th, 2019

How can you define west end Toronto?

Toronto’s west end is a region of the city that is often applauded for its relaxed character, family friendliness, ample green space and wealth of housing options. Defining such a broad district is hard, but generally, any neighbourhood west of Yorkville and the Annex can be considered “west end” Toronto, north or south of Bloor.

For example, the more southern Parkdale neighbourhood is just as "west end" as Corso Italia is up on St. Clair West.

Torontonians really represent the west end. If you’re lucky enough to meet a born-and-bread west ender, they’ll shower their respective neighbourhoods with complements. The west end has a sort of loyalty rivalled by our friendly opponents, the proud east enders -- dedicated residents of the Beaches or Danforth East, for example.

The battle of the west and east ends in Toronto will always continue until the end of time, but for the purposes of this blog, we’ll break down some of the most transit-friendly parts of the west end, along with neighbourhoods hosting the most spacious, abundant and affordable condo options, just like we did for Midtown.

Most transit-friendly

If you’re looking for an easy commute to Toronto’s financial district or elsewhere, you’re going to want a west end neighbourhood close to the subway. West end neighbourhoods that border Bloor Street will be the smartest way to avoid the congestion often found on streetcars and buses.

For example, you’ll have to sit on a bus or streetcar for a while to arrive at an underground TTC station if you're commuting from neighbourhoods like Parkdale or Liberty Village on a daily basis. They're simply too far from major terminal stations located along Bloor or Yonge-University. 

High Park-Swansea and Roncesvalles neighbourhoods have access to multiple streetcar lines along College, Dundas and Roncesvalles-King, while landing in the nearby terminal stations of High Park, Keele and Dundas West.

Bonus points for these connected neighbourhoods come thanks to their easy access to the Union-Pearson Express – an affordable train ride that takes you to Pearson International in under 20 minutes or Union in 10.

Most spacious

If you need more space in your unit to fit your growing family or home theatre set-up, which west end neighbourhoods should you tap?

Generally, the further you get from the city core, the bigger bang you'll get for your buck. High Park, with its lower population density (under 5,000 people per square km) is one of the west end’s least dense neighbourhoods, owing in part to its namesake historical park.

Choosing an area with less population density means you'll have more space to walk around, shop, and live.

Most availability 

A newer neighbourhood west of the Downtown Core is Liberty Village, an area that is seeing constant revitalization as new builds continue to break ground in the area. Though this neighborhood is dense and growing denser, you’ll have an abundance of units to pick through if you decide to plant your feet in Liberty.

Most affordable

The west end area with the most affordable condo units is the area with the amplest supply. Liberty Village, not surprisingly, combines a wealth of condo units of varying size with a purpose-built neighbourhood to cater to residents in a way that makes it especially hard to ever leave.

If you happen to live in Liberty Village and work there, things couldn’t be easier for you commute-wise. Average condo prices in Liberty Village come in at $830,260, well below some of the multi-million dollar figures you’ll find in Little Italy, for example.

Get the best out of the west

So, will the west end ever win the battle of most beloved section of Toronto? We can never be sure. What’s apparent, however, is the fact that the west end is full of amazing micro-neighbourhoods that contribute to Toronto’s amazing and diverse character.

Check out High Park, grab a bite in Parkdale, a coffee on Dundas West then stroll through Trinity Bellwoods to catch the sunset. This kind of day might only sound fun to the relaxed and attuned west ender, but hey, we don’t mind.