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What is a condo assignment?

We look at how Assignments work in pre-construction condo buildings.

house protection insurance

How to insure your property

We go over the different types of property insurance for landlords, tenants, homeowners and condo dwellers!

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The pros and cons of buying pre-construction

Do you have any deal breakers? Check out some of the positive and negative aspects of purchasing a pre-construction unit.

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What’s an escape clause?

How do escape clauses function? Learn about this condition and how it can apply to your next property purchase.

pros and cons renting buying

Buy or rent: When each makes sense

What are some personal signs you should stay in the rental market, or, venture out into buying territory? 

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What to do if there’s a flood in your unit

Even if you're high in the sky, you could still come home to a nasty surprise. 

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4 tips that help you save on your condo purchase

Buying a condo is exciting and expensive! Grab some tips you can take home and save. 

contract review

6 things to know about a Purchase Agreement

In this post, we’ll give you some tips that will help you understand this important purchase document if you’re in the market for a preconstruction or resale condo.


5 tips for starting your condo search

5 great tips that should start your condo search off right

Toronto highway looking towards downtown

The cost of commuting from Toronto's suburbs

If you look at the prices for housing in Toronto’s Downtown Core versus those found in the Greater Toronto

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Midtown Toronto spotlight: the best neighbourhoods to buy

In this post we zero in on Midtown Toronto, detailing the best neighbourhoods for lot size, affordability and availability.

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How to compare condo prices in the same neighbourhood

It seems like just about every Toronto neighbourhood is getting their own set of vertical towers as condo developers compete to build the best condominiums in the least amount of time.