6 tips for moving into a new rental property

By Realestate Condos Team on February 1st, 2019

Moving is one of those things that no one wants to do, and yet, everyone will do it at least once in their lifetime.

What, with all the boxes, folding, cleaning, packing, tossing and donating, it’s no wonder why moving between rentals takes so much out of you.

The furniture is heavy and the roads are often long, so today we’ll give you 6 tips to make your move a bit easier on the joints and minds of everyone involved. Pull up a seat!

1. Find free boxes ahead of time

If you know you’ll be moving at the end of the month, the first is the time you should start gathering up all the moving boxes you can find. You don’t want to pay for boxes at the last minute.

Scour your local grocery stores and liquor stores for their extra cardboard. Simply ask a clerk if they have any boxes they’re throwing away and you can usually take as many as you can carry away.

You can find perfectly good boxes of varying sizes at no cost if you do a little leg work ahead of time; you don’t want to rush this process!

2. Leave your clothes on the hangers

Worried about folding everything in your closet? Don’t be.

One simple moving hack is to keep your clothes on their hangers, and either pull a garbage bag over them from the bottom up to the hooks, or wrap them all in plastic wrap.

Once you get to your new place, put the big bundle back on the rack and cut the plastic wrap or garbage bag away. It’ll save you lots and lots of time. You're welcome.

3. Store in the drawers

Taking the drawers out of furniture makes moving the pieces individually much easier. You can also leave the items in the drawers so you don’t have to pack them, just be careful about their placement in the moving vehicle.

4. Label the boxes

This should go without saying, but sometimes people are in a rush. Keeping your boxes organized with labels will help your boxes arrive in the right rooms when they’re brought into your new apartment, and make it easier to unpack them. You can even colour code them if you’d like.

An example would be to write “bathroom” on the top of your box containing everything under your bathroom sink, or “bedside table” for the box containing items found around your nightstands.

5. Pack dishes properly

We don’t need any broken dishes during the move, so make sure to wrap your breakables carefully. Wrap glasses and plates in newspaper, and pad the empty spaces within the boxes with more newspaper.

In terms of plates, you can put them into boxes vertically like records so gravity isn’t working against the items on the bottom! Hacked and packed.

6. Use your towels for protection

Towels also come in handy and can act as protection for breakables like televisions or computer screens, mirrors, glass wares and anything else that needs a bit of extra padding.

Linens and towels take up a lot of space in moving boxes, so put them to use elsewhere – they’ll arrive at your new apartment just the same, but maybe with a bit of dust on them. You can do this with clothing as well.