baby boomers signing lease

Baby boomers driving up condo prices in Canada

As baby boomers downsize from their single-family homes, luxury condominiums are housing the generation in unprecedented numbers.

woman and baby in kitchen

5 condo hunting tips for parents

Buying a condo and having a child are not always simultaneous decisions.


Toronto’s tech boom to further city’s real estate ‘frenzy’

Experts predict Toronto’s housing stock to become even more valuable as leading tech companies continue to plant feet.


Homebuyers are writing heartfelt notes to sway sellers in hot markets

Would you put your heart on the line for a shot at your forever home?

Toronto row houses

5 tips for choosing the right Toronto neighbourhood

Choosing the right Toronto neighbourhood for you and your family isn’t always the most straightforward decision.


Toronto is not the ‘least affordable’ housing market in the province

According to a new study on Ontario real estate, there are actually regions outside of Toronto that require a higher income to purchase property... Can you guess where?

Luxurious master bedroom

What to know before listing my condo on Airbnb

We’ve summarized a handful of things to know if you’re planning on turning your condo investment into a part-time or full-time Airbnb suite.

A TTC streetcar.

Toronto's 5 most transit-friendly neighbourhoods

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and has the third best transit system out of all North American metropolises, according to its Transit Score.

The downtown Toronto sign lit up at night.

Toronto's 5 most walkable neighbourhoods

Even though Toronto is Canada’s largest city, it’s also one of the most pedestrian-friendly, ranking as the country’s second most walkable city,

A bulletin board with a note reading, "Are You Covered?"

Do I need condo insurance to own a condo?

When it comes to property insurance it isn’t always black and white, and that’s especially true of condo insurance.

ideas understood

8 terms to know when buying a condo

This article will provide prospective condo buyers with an overview of key terms related to the purchasing process.

a $ encircled by two arrows.

How much do land transfer taxes cost in Toronto?

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Between the down payment and the mortgage, there aren’t many other things that even come close - private jets aside.